Friday, 26 March 2010

Been a while.

Really looking forward to the new releases next week. Ive had a little look in the codex and seen the honour guard is changing so ive pulled out the credit card and baught the bits I need to convert mine into the new HG. only problem is need a blood chalice. so im guessing green stuff unless anyone knows were i could get one?

If youve not seen my HG I took the Dark angels veterans and added the parts from the old HG to it it looks cool but with the new dex it will look even better. At the same time im painting my 3rd tac squad. for wich im not sure wich heavy weapons to use. Usually i use launcher and flamer. I think I may stick with the flamer and mybe a melter not sure what do you think?? I will post some pics once have some.

Oh and almost forgot guess who has next week off ME!! Blood Angels are out sat and I will be straight down the GW with my hard earned cash in hand and buying the new Sanguinary Guard and The Sanguinorand the codex of course.

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